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These links below have information that is vital to the survival of dogs
and horses, due to issues that 'man' has devised to make money
off the abuse of animals.
My wish is that you could find it within yourself to educate the areas
that you are uninformed to help in changing laws to make
inhumane treatment of animals an offense which would
warrant legal action by the law.


The following links are very visual and disturbing, but
will give you the hard truth of the cruelty that is going on that most people
have no idea is going on.

This a general link to the Humane Society of various videos of all kinds of
different animal abuses:

Animal Abuse Issue Links


Dog Abuse Issue Links


Horse Abuse Issue Links

End the Slaughter

Mary Nash site

Equine Advocates Site

Horse Slaughter Issues

PMU Information Websites:

PMU Rescue.Org