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The 4 spiritual laws and the Gap...will explain the simple truth
of Salvation to you.
This is not about religion...this is about a relationship with
Jesus Christ the Messiah, The Son of God The Father
Your eternal life depends on the choices you make here on earth
whether you spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven
or eternity in hell with the devil and all his fallen angels.
Today...choose life that you might live for ever and ever.
Click on the two areas below to find out how you can be saved
and find true happiness and salvation through Jesus Christ.
Jesus gave up His life for you that you might have
life eternal...there may not be a tomorrow for you
you may not have time, you don't know.
Don't wait long...He is waiting for you and desires
to have fellowship with you forever and ever.
You don't have to do anything but believe and
desire to give  your whole heart over to the God of this universe
and trust in Him and stop trusting in anything else.
He is calling to you and desire's to have a relationship with
you...Come, join in with the rest of us that have
desided to give over to Jesus the Messiah, our
control, our hearts and our souls...and be with
Him forever and ever, with the Father above...
Join the Family of God....become a believer
In Jesus


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