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We have tried to fit this breeding into our lives over
the last 2 years...and those of you that have visited here off and on,
probably have seen our updates...but due to personal situations, we have put
this breeding off... until now.  We want to be as responsible as
we can to do what is right for our dogs.
We are now going to go through with the breeding of these 2 lovely
dogs with Glory's next heat and we are very very excited.


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We are really looking forward to some great
looking show quality/companion boxers
with great out going personalites, temperaments and

looks to boot.
If you are interested in this breeding, please
email me below.  I do not take deposits, but
I can talk to you about when you should get back to me
on the breeding...thank you.
Just email us and we can answer

any questions you may have and in turn find out
something about you, too.
We are also not cropping this litter.  With the change in
the boxer standard, we are opting to showing this litter
natural earred.

This breeding will take place either in the fall
of spring of 2005.



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Breeding Announcement
Click here to see Zeja.  She has
already been bred
to Randall and we are excited
at the thought of puppies....

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We are located in Illinois.


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