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Boxer Breeders

BellCrest Boxers
Boxer Patch
Candy Kisses Boxers
Chato Boxers
Cinema Boxers
CynTech Boxers
Har-Vel Boxers
Kandiyohi Boxers
MCVE Boxers
Maple Boxers
Persnickety Pooches
Sunrise Boxers
Thorn Crest Boxers



American Boxer Clubs

American Boxer Club
Boomer Boxer Club- Oklahoma
Northwoods Boxer Club Of Minnesota

International Boxer Clubs

Embertouch Boxers

United Kingdom
Bucksteps Boxers - UK
Midland Boxer Club - UK


General Information

Saying Good-Bye - Euthanasia

Boxer Rescues

Midwest Boxer Rescues
North Missouri Boxer Rescue
Breed Information

United Kingdom Boxer Breed Standard




2 In The Morning Hand Made Soaps

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Judy Horton - Australian Boxer Judge

My intention with this site is to establish a blueprint for a
one that can compete successfully in any country around the world!
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I have been involved with this
wonderful breed, for 36 years
and have been a specialist
since 1976
Drop by for a visit

Click on Judy's Picture and go to her site




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