I will make you a Website starting with a "Package" that will include:
An Entry Page
A Navigation Page
Pages up to 6 dogs
An Upcoming "Future/Present Breeding" Page
Litterbox Page

This Base Package is $500.00 with a half down payment to start.
Your Web Site will be hosted at:
Start Logic and this will get your site up
and running out on the internet.

Below are the descriptions of the pages
you get in the Base Package.
Each Page will have a Home button,
email button and any other
buttons that would pertain for
that particular dog or
area of your site that would connect
the page to more information
needed in each case.


The Entry Page

This is the page that everyone
will see when they go to your
domain name.
This page will have a "logo" design from photos
you supply me with
your dogs and will follow a
theme you may have or will be
designed by me for you to
look over and decide on

The Navigation Page

This page is where the web surfer
will go after entering into your
site.  This will consist of a
page that will have information
directing people around to the
different areas of your site and
to your dogs

Dog Pages

The dog pages will be designed
with your dogs page logo, up to
4 pictures of your dog on it's
own page and your dogs
lineage, Breeder, Owner, Co-Owner,
Handler information and
it's parentage.
A separate page will be set up for
each of your dogs with their
5 generation Pedigree

Upcoming Breeding Page

This page will be for you
to announce any breeding
you have planned coming up
with a "puppy pedigree"
of the particular dogs you
have as sire and dam to the litter

Litter Box Page

This page is for your puppies
that you have and you can
have newborn pictures with
weekly picture updates for
each puppy as they grow.

Each week's update will be
thumbnail pictures that
will open up into larger
pictures.  These
weekly updates are at
a cost of $2.00 a puppy,
per week.

Additional Pages

Each additional page is
$30.00 with the same information
as the pages that come with
the base package.

Additional Show pictures
of a dog for it's page will
be added to their page for
$10.00 with a thumbnail
picture to click on for a
larger picture displayed

Scanning Service

There is a cost of $5.00 each
half hour for scanning your pictures
with a $3.00 per picture
charge to scan and adjust

Updates on pages are at a cost of $25.00 service charge, plus
the detailed upgrade charges for each particular change to a page

Pictures' for your site will be send through email at full size and not
sized down for high pixel quality.  300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) are
the best quality.

Send all your questions to me by clicking on the
"email me" button below
and put "Web Site Information Request"
in the subject line, please.
Thank you in advance for your inquiry

I look forward to helping you display your dogs on the internet

Here are a few websites I have designed and
manage for you to take a look at: