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Our Ellen is just about one of the greatest dogs we have
ever had the privilege to know and share our
lives and hearts and love with.
From the time Ellen was a wee pup, she won everything
she was ever entered in, matches, sweepstakes and
including 3 Best Of Breeds by the age
of 10 1/2 months old over specials.
Her ability in the conformation ring was
superb along with the most amazing
ability to perform in agility.
We are madly in love with this bitch
and find her to be one of the best friends
that God could graciously bestow upon us.
Ellen was handled to her Championship for the first 10 points
by myself, then John and Jessie Gerszewski expertly
took her on to her Championship.
Ellen produced her son, Ch. DayStar's Key To My Heart
that won Reserve Winner's Dog and
and Best Puppy
at the Texas Nationals in 1998
at the age of 7 months old
and then herself won an Award Of Merit

We are proud to have bred, owned and lived with this
outstanding bitch whose foundations
are all established from the
Rojon lines of Mr. Ray Cataldi, Jr.
Thanks Ray for all your years of expertise and friendship.

Visit Ellen's 2 daughters:

Visit Ellen's 2 Sons:


Ellie was one of the best friends
we ever had and are
so proud to have bred.
She never needed a leash, was by our side better than any "lassie" and her desire and ability in doing the agility course, left people just awe struck.
Her intelligence was like no other dog other than our collie, Tisha B.


We can't imagine having never
experienced a love and friendship
like the one we had the privilege of
knowing in the loving soul of our
precious girl.
Loosing Ellen, almost broke us and
forced our hand to quit raising
and showing dogs.
But, with her in mind, we kept going
and areproud to have done so,
finishing her grand daughter, Bernice.
For us, our Ellie Belly brought joy
pride and hope for the future of our dogs through her children and
grand children and on.
Thank you Ellie for your love, your
energy and your undying
devotion to us as our
friend and our love.


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