Our Esther at 14 months.  Some dogs come along that totally take over every part of your
heart and that is our Esther.  She is so special to us and we just can't thank God
enough for allowing her into our lives.

Ch. VKM's Antonio "Tony"   X   DayStar-KenDor Joy Of   My Heart "Tilly"

Here are recent pictures of Esther July 30, 2008





Here she is as an ambassador for the breed...kids swarm to her with
her gentle face and quiet demure.


Esther...doing what she does best...
living the life of a spoiled princess!!


Esther at 15 months by a lake in Ohio at the Ohio Specialties.

Esther was the reason for starting a great Community Group to support
each other in the case of a bloat emergency.  Please go visit our
support group and read all about it...it's for "such a time as this" that
we have all come together to help one another.
Serving one another for the life of our dogs.
Click on the banner below to go read all about our group.

Visit Esther's little




Updated January 16, 2008

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