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(Ch. Santi Me Megabucks X Arberdales Star of Blackburn)

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We are so excited to announce our newest little
addition, our 9 week old Flashy Brindle Bitch.
We have to Thank Blackburn Boxers for this really
lovely puppy.  We are so excited to now have
2 really nice boxers for our start
in the breed....We are
very thrilled to have the priviledge
of owning this puppy.

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Glory at 10 weeks

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Glory at 12 weeks
Glory 13wks stkd sm frmd.jpg (130477 bytes)
Glory at 13 weeks


Glory Coming home snoozing

Glory's Head - Side shot before Cropping 10 weeks

Glory Stacked at 10 weeks before cropping

Glory sitting after Cropping - Cone Head

Glory sleeping on the loveseat

barking_pup.gif (21117 bytes)New Pictures of Glory - May 21, 2002

See Trooper...Glory's brother...

See Glory's Pedigree


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