Here is the American Kennel Clubs standard on the Harlequin Great Dane:

Harlequin--Base color shall be pure white with black torn patches irregularly
and well distributed over the entire body; a pure white neck is preferred. The black
patches should never be large enough to give the appearance of a blanket, nor
so small as to give a stippled or dappled effect. Eligible, but less desirable, are a
few small gray patches, or a white base with single black hairs showing through, which
tend to give a salt and pepper or dirty effect.

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The puppy on the left is a newborn Harlequin.  The puppy on the right
is a 4 to 5 months old Harlequin.

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These 2 pictures are of a 10 month old Mis-Marked Harlequin Bitch
She is marked a little heavier and these are shots of
both sides of her
cameo1 drmwevr harl 10mn bitch2.jpg (19592 bytes) cam gmj harl btch2.jpg (20669 bytes)

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Harl male.jpg (27012 bytes)harl bitch2.jpg (22809 bytes)


Here are examples of 2 UnCropped Harlequins

Amstl Harl male2.jpg (37837 bytes) meisel harl uncppd siegch grtdns2.jpg (15553 bytes)

Rachel Crowley natrl harl fuzedge.jpg (35711 bytes)


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