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Welcome to our site.

We hope this site will not only offer to you,
information about our Great Danes and Boxers
....but supply you
with information pertaining to the breeds.
We own, show and breed fawn and brindle
Great Danes, and we are starting out
in Boxers with a Flashy Fawn and Flashy Brindle.

Our Website has been designed to showcase dogs
that we have owned and bred, in the past
and some that are still with us.
Not all the sites will reference whether they are
still with us or gone on, it is to just show our
love for these breeds and give you a basis to
go on to educate yourself on quality dogs and how to
inform yourself for your future in living with either
one of these breeds.
The dogs on this site, represent the history of
us in owning this breed and our boxers.
We do not have with us, all the dogs represented on this
site to date.  Quite a few of them are co-owned with
other people and some have been co-bred but
do not reside here.
Sadly and proudly, we have supplied for your viewing
some of our precious and beloved friends that
have brought to us, so much joy and happiness
in the past years.  They are at the Rainbow Bridge
awaiting the day we are united again in Heaven with
Jesus Christ our Lord.

We are located in Illinois.

Visit our links page.  We have a Dane and Boxer links
page for you to browse.
We are just venturing into the world of Boxers
and will be equipping this site with information on
the Boxer breed as well.

We hope you will find what you need and if you have any questions,
please feel free to email us to ask those questions you may have or
just to say hi and introduce yourself.

We do, at times, have puppies. 
We do not breed extensively nor do we use this site to promote sales,
however....when we do have puppies,
we will announce them here and place pictures of them
up for you to view.

The next place you enter from here, will help navigate
you to the area's that may interest you about our dogs
or canine interests of both breeds.
We want you to sit back and enjoy viewing
the fine animals
we strive to produce for the dog show
fancier and for the family
looking for a stable loving happy
Great Dane or Boxer.

Click on Great Danes to Enter our area of DayStar Great Danes

Click on Boxers to Enter our area of DayStar Boxers

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