In Between

Please allow me to introduce me.
Half of me slave, the other half free.
Righteous and sinful,
both at the same time.
Fill up the same mind.
And out of the same mouth,
the hold and profane.
I curse all my brothers,
then I bless Christ's name.
I hang in the balance,
but still I'm secure.
I'm leaning towards evil,
but striving to be pure.

I stand between the saint and the sinner.
chasing after holiness, close enough to
grasp, but still it's just beyond my reach.

Who I am is in between,
what I wanna be and what I am.
Pulling from both sides,
humility and pride.
One seeks to give,
the other to be gratified.
In any case, however,
I know I'm in need.
Two appetites in me,
which one do I feed?
running fast as I can
after elusive perfection.
No I'm not there yet,
but sure I'm in the right direction.
Cuz I see me at the end
and I look glorified.
Justified safe inside,
so I seek to be sanctified.


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