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Whitney was is mom, Ditto was his aunt, Ellen was his "mate", and
sweet gentle Sidney was his sister.  We lost Sid just last fall.


Max at 12 weeks


Max at 3 1/2 months


12 Max with John Gerszewski at
the Lake Shore Great Dane Show


We lost our Maxwell at the age of 10 years and 4 months.
It was on June 16, 2007 that we said good-bye to our sweet
gentle man.  His sweet gentle ways were so endearing to us that not having
him in our lives will be a great loss here on this earth.

Maxwell was one of the strongest smoothest moving Danes you
would have ever seen.  He would glide when he ran and had reach and
drive that was amazing.  He did not care for the ring and was on the
smaller side so we opted to just love the boy. 
He is the father of:  Ch. DayStar's Key To My Heart and has been the
one in our home to have been a contributor to our dogs pedigrees.

We miss you, Bud, and will see you in Heaven when we all meet up with our
precious Savior, Jesus.

Maxwell is the father of Ace, Phoebe, Styx and Tilly


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