Names Of God


Name Of God Meaning Reference Significance
Elohim God Genesis 1:1
Numbers 23:19
Psalm 19:1
Refers to God's power and might.  He is the only supreme and true God.
Yahweh The Lord Genesis 2:4
Exodus 6:2,3
The proper name of the divine person.
El Elyon God Most High Genesis 14:17-20 He is above all gods; nothing in life is more sacred.
El Roi God Who Sees Genesis 16:13 God oversees all creation and the affairs of people.
El Shaddai God Almighty Genesis 17:1
Psalm 91:1
God is all-powerful.
YahwehYireh The Lord will Provide Genesis 22:13,14 God will provide our real needs.
Yahweh Nissi The Lord is my Banner Exodus 17:15 We should remember God for helping us.
Adonai Lord Deuteronomy 6:4 God alone is the head over all.
Yahweh Elohe Yisrael Lord God of Israel Judges 5:3
Psalm 59:5
Isaiah 17:6
Zephaniah 2:9
He is the God of the Nation.
Yahweh Shalom The Lord is Peace Judges 6:24 God gives us peace, so we need not fear.
Qedosh Yisrael Holy One of Israel Isaiah 1:4 God is morally perfect
Yahweh Sabaoth Lord of Hosts
Host refers to armies but also to all the heavenly powers
1 Samuel 1:3
Isaiah 6:1-3
God is our savior and protector.
El Olam The Everlasting God Isaiah 40:28-31 God is Eternal.   He will never die.
Yahweh Tsidkenu The Lord Is Our Righteousness Jeremiah 23:6
God is our standard for right behavior.  He alone can make us righteous.
Yahweh Shammah The Lord is There Ezekiel 48:35 God is always present with us.
Attiq Yomin Ancient of Days Daniel 7:9,13 God is the ultimate authority.  He will one day judge all nations.

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