We hope you enjoy browsing the dogs
that we have lived with in the past and some we still
have with us. Our site is a visual history of dogs from the
past in the pedigrees of dogs present.
We enjoy presenting the history over the years, of
our hobby showing dogs. They have brought us much joy
and we miss our departed friends that we shared time and
love with here and with our co-owned friends that shared
the lives of our dogs, too.

Some of the dogs you see here do not reside with us
but we share them with other's that co-own with
us and share their love with us.
We do not breed much, only occasionally, when we finish a dog to
continue our family of dogs in our pedigree.
So, we usually don't have puppies available, but we can help you
find the right breeder if you need guidance for that lifetime
companion or show dog. 
Showing our dogs is something we enjoy and
our involvement with the breed is an endeavor and
labor of love.


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Articles, Poems,
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If It Should Be
That I Grow Weak

Pooh Friends

Grayslake, Illinois Show
June 2004

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Read the 2006 Report of PETA's unreasonable hypocrisy...

Other Stuff
A Mother Asked...??? AKC Great Dane Division Point Listing
Hazel Gregory - H.O.D. Remedy Take a look at our "FlipBook"...
Puppy Request Questionnaire New Life
"The Bell" Whelping Chart


Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's
Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's
Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's Visit Maxidan Great Danes - Fawn's & Brindle's




World Wide Boxer
Enjoy Judy's site. It is a very
educational  site for
educating yourself
even if you own
a breed other than a boxer.
click on her picture
and visit her site.


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through the blood of Christ
We share in Christ and in the
joy of our Great Danes that
have brought us together.




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This is a gallery of pictures of our boys.
Believer Danes
Visit Justice of "Believer Danes".  See his information here on DayStar Danes
Gracie was our first Great Dane that opened up our love for the breed.
Ruth is our Best In Specialty winner - "BISS Ch. DayStar's Intomy Heart"
Whitney - DayStar's Heart In Motion
Sarah - "Rojon's DayStar Rising"
Our Precious Sweet Ellie Bellie - Ch. DayStar's Just Call Me Ellen...taken from us way too soon.
Gentle Sweet Sidney - "DayStar-KenDor Hearts Desire"
Our Precious girl Tilly - DayStar-KenDor Joy Of My Heart...and she truly was that.
Phoebe our singleton puppy that brought happiness beyond all our measure.
Abby - Scandik's DayStar Integrity
Hannah Banana - VKMP DayStar Keep'N The Faith
Esther is our princess...she holds our hearts dear to her - "DayStar's Magnificent Grace"
Bernice, Bernice, Bernice...:0) - "Ch. DayStar Heavenly Delight"
Sweet Gabby - "DayStar's Stairway To Heaven"
Pinky - "DayStar's Heavenly Faithful"
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