I want to remind you as was stated on the main Dane Colors page
that these Great Danes on this page are just as wonderful
a Great Dane as any other color, acceptable for breeding and/or showing, however
I also want to point out that these dogs on this page
Some of these colors or patterns are not common to our breed
and the choices are made by reputable breeders
to get these precious dogs into loving companion homes to be loved and cared for
and to bring love and enjoyment to someone that wants a Great Dane and
is not concerned with color or pattern.
These dogs DO NOT command higher prices in sales and you
should NOT be taken in by the lies that they are rare.

Enjoy these pictures and we hope we in the Great Dane community have been
a help in educating you to the proper view points that we hold and that
the American Kennel Club standard states.

Enjoy these unique Great Danes.

MirriSMerleMntle pup.jpg (23572 bytes)
This puppy above is a Merle Mantle


These 2 pictures are examples of a beautiful white puppy.

Noah wht 3mn pup2.jpg (17553 bytes) Noah wht freestk pup2.jpg (20897 bytes)


These 3 pictures are of a lovely Merle Mantle Bitch
toddyfx gnamJ merle2.jpg (29944 bytes)
toddy1 merl mntle bitch1.jpg (24153 bytes) toddy1 merl mntle bitch2.jpg (18081 bytes)


Athna SonBen mrle bch2.jpg (41792 bytes)
This is a Merle that the pattern flows throughout
the whole body.


duke - chocolate merle2.jpg (31808 bytes)
This dog  may be referred to as possibly a Chocolate or Fawn Merle



These 2 puppies below would be referred to as Fawnaquin's

fawnaquin male pup5a.jpg (12481 bytes) sndhn fwnaqun pup.jpg (18066 bytes)


The 3 pictures below are examples of Great Danes with descriptions of what they may be called.
Drk fwn a quin male.jpg (24457 bytes)
This would be referred to as a
fawnaquin in color.

This is a picture of a Great Dane
at a Show overseas.
This is not to imply that All European

Dog Shows
allow or disallow this color of this

pattern as showable.
This is only to show you an example of this
color and pattern comination.
Molly Snja Ben ChoMerle2.jpg (32090 bytes)
This may be considered to be a
chocolate type merle color.
A chocolate boy.jpg (15578 bytes)
There is a safe assumption to call this Great Dane
Chocolate in color.