Laminated Pedigree With Pictures

These are high quality rugged durable
Pedigree, very attractive for stud dogs
or your puppy people.

This is an example of what I can do for you.
This can be personalized for you with pictures
of your dog and with your logo, address, email
phone, etc. 

DayStar Heavenly Delight - "Fawn"
Daystar Great Danes
12345 Whatever Street
Whatever city, State   11111
email@whatever - phone: 555-555-5555


If you are interested in having a Pedigree designed
as a jpeg for your website, you can
email me at:
subject line:  Pedigree Design
or call me at:  847.249.7555

One Pedigree Document is $35.00 for design and set up and includes
5 laminated pedigrees + $3.50.  Each Pedigree is $2.00 each after that.
After the original order, Pedigree's are $2.00 + $3.50 for postage.
Two sided Pedigree with a show picture on the back is $3.50 each.

I will need pictures emailed to me of good quality
preferably digital, along with a pedigree.
8 x 10 pictures can be sent to me with return postage
for me to scan and send back to you.

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last updated on January 10, 2009