We have one puppy left.  It's a female, pet/companion.
Spay contract - DOB 12/29/08 - Cropped -
shots - leash broken - house breaking concept
on a very good footing
Very sweet and loves kids
Puppy on the left.

fill out the questionnaire if you are interested.
USA parties only, thank you.

This is Our Puppy Questionnaire to
help us with getting to know who you are.
We are very pleased to look over your

information for consideration of adding a
puppy from us into your home.

We do not want to appear to you that the filling
out of our questionnaire automatically qualifies you,
but we do take all information into consideration.
We are not in the business of producing puppies
in mass quantities, so our production of puppies
is souly for our own benefit and we then sell into
qualified homes, the wonderful pets that are a part
of our dog show breeding program.
Our dogs are purely pets, first, show dogs second.
We process the information you give us and then get
back to you, whether or not we can fulfill your
desires at the time of your request sent to us
from this questionnaire.
In looking over the questions below, you may be asked
some questions that seem different or unusual.
We sorry if this seems harsh to you,
but these are questions are designed to insure that
all parties are happy and the first one that is the
highest consideration if the puppy.  Top of the list.
So, thank you for taking the time to fill out this
small questionnaire...

Welcome to DayStar Danes Puppy Questionnaire. 
We first would like to know some of your contact
information for us, thank you.

What is your name. First and Last please.
Street Address
City, State & Zip Code
Home Phone number:
Cell Phone number:
Email Address:
Best Time to call:
We would like to find out about some things that are important to you.  Please take the time to help us get to know who you are and what you may be looking for. Thanks for your time.  We appreciate it.  
Where did you hear about us?
Are you: Married
If you are married, do you have children?
What do you have and what are their ages?
Do you work out of the home? Yes

If your answer is yes, can you please
answer 3 questions, please:
1. How do you plan to take care of
a new puppy with a job?
2. Have you thought of having someone
come to your home to take your puppy
out and exercise and water the puppy?
3. Would you do a puppy Day Care
for a short period of time?

Have you ever owned a Great Dane before? Yes
What sex of Great Dane do you prefer? Dog (Male)
Bitch (Female)
Either is ok
What color of Great Dane are you inquiring about?
Are you looking for a:     

If you have had a Cropped Great Dane before, do I understand then that you realize the care that a cropped puppy requires and that you have taped puppy ears before?

Are you looking for a Show Puppy to show
and finish or are you looking for a
companion/pet Great Dane puppy?
Have you shown a dog before? Yes
Are you willing to Co-Own a dog with the breeder if you are wanting a show dog? Yes
I'm not sure, but can talk about it
Will you handle the dog yourself or/and hire a handler? Check each that pertains to you. I handle my own
I will sometimes have a handler
I don't know how
I'm willing to hire a handler
Please check each one that pertains to you: I have a vet I use
I am willing to have a litter with a show bitch
I can afford to finish this dog to a championship
Please describe your residence and the
premises around your place occupancy.

Please list 2 references:
1.  their first and last name
2. relationship to you,
3. their phone number
4. and their email address

If you are inquiring about a companion/pet dog,
please check the boxes that pertain to you.
I will spay or neuter after 12 months of age.
I will obedience train my puppy in puppy class
I grew up with dogs in my home
I have never owned my own dog before
Do you have any other pets in your home?
You must answer this yes or no.
If yes, please list and explain:
If you do have other dogs in your home,
what dog food do you feed?
Please feel free to tell me anything else
you would want me to know about you.
I would like to take this moment to thank you for your time
and your effort.  I will get back to you in a timely matter.
Please, if you don't hear from me right away,
email me at:  DayStarDanes@comcast.net.
You can visit my website at:  www.daystardanes.com
God Bless you and thank you again.
Michelle Bjorkman
DayStar Great Danes
Breeder of Pure Color
Quality Fawn and Brindle
Great Danes

form creator

Thank you for your time in supplying us with your information.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
If it is on a weekend that you are contacting us, we may
be off to a dog show and not receive this email until Monday.
We will then look over your information and email
or call you back.

Again, thank you for your time and God Bless.


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