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Our Ruth was a most unique bitch. 
She is pictured above at 5 1/2 years old. She was a very
large bitch, standing at about 35 inches at the shoulder.
She had the heart of a show dog.
Nothing could stop her from showing at the top of her
ability each time she entered the ring.
Her heart never gave way to anything, but to be with me
as a partner and pleaser.  Her intelligence was keen and her
ability to perform was beyond what any owner/breeder/exhibitor
could ask for.

At 4 months old I showed her in a sweepstakes and then waited for
her to grow up.  The first AKC pointed show she went to, she got a
5 point major at the Hoosier Great Dane Club Specialty....I almost
had to be picked up off the floor. :0)
2 weekends later she went BOW in Indiana again for 5 more points
and her second major.  We then putz around getting the last 5 points
and she finished with a bang.

I showed her all the way through to her championship and she never
ever disappointed me.  She was finished from the Bred-By Class,

in 7 months and on the day she and I completed her AKC Championship,
she went Best of Breed out of the classes for a 3rd major
and took a Group 4 in temperatures of almost 100 degrees.
I will never ever forget my "Ruthie-Juner".  She was my friend, my teacher and
the show dog that any exhibitor would want.  She taught me confidence

and strength of mind to go forward and go for the top.
We are proud to have shared her life with her and found it to
be a privilege to have known her.
I will see you, again, my precious show buddy.
Love you my sweetie.


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This is Ruthie at 5 weeks with her mom, Gracie


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Here is Ruthie and me at Daneorama.  She was
4 months old here and I had so much fun
showing her.  She already was showing her ability

to think for herself and we had a great time
in the ring.

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This is Ruth and me with the trophy
she won representing the top dane
in the Lake Shore Great Dane Club

Ruth's Daughters we want to recognize:

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