These Dane boys are just some of our guys we've bred and lived with.
We are just showcasing some of them for your pleasure...Enjoy.
Male Great Danes are some of the most loyal and loving dogs you'd
ever want to be owned by....



This is our Isaiah.  His sweetness sold everyone who met him, that a Dane was exactly
what they needed to ad to their family.  He survived Blastomychosis and lost an eye.
His beautiful head and great expression, didn't even reveal to the new people who met
him that he was missing an eye.  He was an 180 pound sweet giant and loved
everyone he met.  We had him until he was 8 years old and he was a testimony
of his love to us and we have never forgotten his "woo-woo" with his pierced
lips, talking to us through his loving heart and sweet expression.
It was an honor to have shared his life with him...




This is our Fairway.  He was a huge sweet guy.  We experienced a condition in giant
breeds that is called 'HOD' -
Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy. We pulled him through,
and he ended up with only a small deformity that most people couldn't even see.
We opted not to show him, but love him and let him just be a couch potato.  This is one of his couch potato pictures.



This is our Bentley - Ch. Rojon's Bentley V DayStar.
We were so privileged to have lived with, trained and to have shown this wonderful guy.  He was so full of life and a lover of children and women, that you  just couldn't help but love him.  He was a great contributor to our great sweet temperaments and such a personal guy.
He is the daddy and grand daddy, etc. of our dogs and knowing him was a great experience.  He had longevity (almost 11 years old) and excellent hips.



Here is Micah.  He is out of our Tilly.  His life is one of love and leasure.
He lives with some friends of ours and spoiled doesn't even begin to explain his life.  Most people would love to live like he does.



This is Baloo.  Our our name for him
He is out of our Tilly and Ch. My-Jon's License to Thrill.


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