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Ch. Shadam's Winston X BISS Ch. DayStar's Intomy Heart
Bred by:  Michelle & Jeff Bjorkman & Michele Manier

his is "Whitney" - DayStar's Heart In Motion
going BOW under Judge J.D. Jones, being handled
by Michele Manier -co/breeder.
Whitney was bred after obtaining 12 points with a major.
She just loved going to dog shows and riding and
being in hotel rooms, killing every fly in sight.
Her favorite was just being in the atmosphere
of people at a show...laying around OUTSIDE the ring...
showing was another matter.  It was beneath her.
How could we be subjecting her to such menial
silliness and do these things to her...how boring.
How degrading!!!!
So, with 5 different handlers and only one major
to get her Championship, we gave up and bred her
and she was a FABULOUS mother to her puppies.
The whelping box was her best work...she was
so so sweet.  We had Whitney until she was
almost 10 years old and she was a wonderful
extremely smart Great Dane...

love ya ... miss ya ...Whit

This is Whitney at 10 weeks old.
She was so cute. 
At the Illini 1983 Specialty
she was in a class of about 10
puppies and was the smallest one in the class.
She got 1st place and I just figured...wow...this
is it, my next Champion Great Dane...

She looked like a little wind up toy and this is
how wonderful she stacked and behaved.

I think that Whitney was one of those extremely
smart Great Danes that had her own agenda
and when it suited her, she was fine.
On this day...it was fine with her







Whitney was a fabulous mother.  Nothing
could take her away from her puppies.
She had 9 puppies and was patient and
loving with them all.  This picture
is an example of the time she spent with
her babies...this was one place where
Whitney excelled in her purposed determination
as a mother.

We bred her to our Ch. Rojon's Bentley V DayStar
and out of that litter, we kept our
Max - DayStar-KenDor Master Blend
and our Sidney - DayStar-KenDor Hearts Desire.

Those two siblings lived with us until they were
10 1/2 years old.

She passed her sweet gentle nature onto her kids and
on to her grandchildren and on and on into the generations I see her personality and character
popping it's head up in her progeny.



This is Whitney at 5 weeks old.
She was so cute.  We had the litter she was in
out of our Ruth and Winston and I went to grab
a cookie to help in the stacking of her and she
laid down, looked at my husband and he
snapped this darling picture of her.
This is her.  From the beginning, she had a very
definite side of her personality and she was
the kind of dog, you never forget.



Here is Whitney with Michele Manier who handled
her to many of her points.

We traveled together and had lots of fun through
our weekends of showing her.

She is shown here going BOW in Kankakee, IL.
in December 1994, under Judge Michael Madl.


Whitney's Pedigree
DayStar's Heart In Motion

Ch. Shadams Winston Ch. Rojon's Flamboyant - Fn BISS Ch. Rojon's Oh Boy V Mecca Dane -Fn
Ch. Rave Review Viva Miramor - Fn.
Ch. Shadam's Noele - Fn Ch. Dundane's Bacarat V Brookside - Br.
Ch. Shadam's Hillary - Fn.
Ch. BISS Ch. DayStar's Intomy Heart Ch. Foremost Grandmaster - Br. Ch. Warwicks Grumman - Fn.
Ch. Rojon's Boulette V Raintree - Fn.
DayStar's Amazing Grace - Fn. BISS Ch. My-Jon's Telemachus - Br.
My-Jon's DayStar Born Again - Fn


Our days and years go by so fast, but it's in the showing of our dogs
that God brings us together as friends in a way that with out them,
we would never know each other.
I thank God for my dogs that have been a tool in the hands of the Lord
that have given me some of the greatest friends I could
ask for.  We think that we will see these times again, but in these
times, we must cherish every moment, because they may
never be repeated again.

Thank you Lord, for my dogs and my friends I have made in
the dog world...I'm a richer person for them.
I thank God for Whitney's presence in my life.

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